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á What is the Tree Of Life?  It is the Cross of Jesus Christ!

  The Tree Of Life is a section of 11th Hour that will be dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.á Where the 11th Hour addresses the Christian World View, Prophetic Scriptures, and World events in light of the scriptures, we needed a section like this, dedicated to the Good News of Jesus Christ.á If you are a newer Christian wishing to learn the truth of the Gospel, and know that there are many things that are going wrong in the Churches of America, and are not sure if you are receiving the truth according to Jesus and his Disciples, The Tree Of Life is the place for you!áááá

Here will be Bible study guides, Personal Testimonials, and various Writers' expressions of the Gospel.á We will work to keep this section strictly addressing the needs of newer Christians, and the servants of Jesus Christ who will not bow to the Gospels of Prosperity, Warfare, luxury and Convenience.á Follow the links below to your section of interest...


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